Parth-Saarthi Mentorship Program

Parth-Saarthi Mentorship Program

Parth-Saarthi Mentorship Program

A complete Hand- Holding solution for students by Tathastu ICS

Paarth-Saarthi aims to build a solid foundation, offer direction, and help aspirants get ready to put forth a competent effort in line with their goals. In order to help aspirants with their dreams of cracking the UPSC, the mentors of Paarth- Saarthi aim to handhold the aspirants in their preparation phase.

The Paarth- Saarthi Mentorship Program is designed to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and strategies needed to excel in the UPSC examination.

Do You Really Need This Program?

YES, If you are facing more than 4 problems from the given list -

1. Under Confident and Stressed
2. Lack of Clarity on How to Prepare
3. Facing Difficulty in Time Management
4. Lack of Study-Life Balance
5. Difficulty in Understanding Concepts
6. Having Gaps in Preparation
7. Fear of Failure and Uncertain Future
8. Indiscipline and Inconsistency
9. Problem in Balancing Multiple Subjects
10.Lack of Guidance

Addressing these challenges requires a combination of effective study strategies, time management techniques, emotional support, and access to resources which a mentor can provide.

Why Paarth- Saarthi ?

Hurdle How Does Paarth- Saarthi Help? How Do We Do It?
Developing a Winning Strategy Craft a personalized study plan aligned with your strengths & weaknesses. Conduct in-depth assessments & discuss various exam approaches with your mentor.
Sticking to a Study Schedule Build accountability & overcome procrastination with mentor guidance. Set achievable weekly targets, track progress, and receive regular encouragement.
Content Overload & Information Selection Access of high-quality UPSC materials. Our mentors shortlist relevant resources based on the latest syllabus & your learning style.
Mastering Core UPSC Skills Sharpen answer writing, critical thinking, and time management techniques. Get personalized feedback on mock tests, practice answer writing, and participate in skill-building workshops.
Staying Motivated & Focused Develop effective stress management strategies & combat self-doubt. Receive regular encouragement from your Mentor, connect with a supportive student community, and access motivational workshops.
Overcoming Exam Anxiety & Performance Pressure Develop effective techniques to manage stress and perform optimally. Learn relaxation techniques, practice mindfulness exercises, and participate in mock interviews with personalized feedback.
Filling Knowledge Gaps & Subject Clarity Get personalized support for topics you find challenging. Your mentor will provide targeted guidance, suggest additional resources, and address any subject-specific doubts
Maintaining a Healthy Study-Life Balance Prioritize your well-being to ensure sustainable preparation. Receive guidance on creating a balanced schedule, managing screen time, and incorporating healthy habits for optimal performance.

Features of Paarth- Saarthi

  • Personalized Mentorship: Get a dedicated mentor who understands your strengths and weaknesses, crafting a study plan tailored to you.
  • Regular Feedback & Analysis: Receive ongoing feedback and performance analysis to identify areas for improvement and celebrate your progress.
  • Mock Tests & Answer Writing Practice: Sharpen your exam technique with regular mock tests and personalized feedback on answer writing.
  • Stress Management & Motivation: Develop effective stress management strategies and stay motivated throughout your journey with expert support.
  • One-to-one and Group Sessions
  • Weekly Assessment Session to track your progress

3 layered support is provided to the students:

3 layered suppord

Phases of Paarth- Saarthi

Phase- I "Prelims Basics": This phase is meant to build a strong foundation for the UPSC Exam. The main focus of this part would be on going over the basic NCERT books for General Studies. The main activities of this part would be to do regular assessments , building consistency through workbooks, developing a habit of Newspaper Reading and analysis of the whole syllabus and PYQs.

Phase-II "Mains Focus": The focus will be on covering the standard books for comprehensive coverage of the UPSC syllabus. The main goals of this phase would be to complete the syllabus, write answers ,and make notes as per UPSC Mains syllabus.

Phase-III "Prelims Advanced": The focus here will be on intensive Prelims focused preparation, covering the important topics,making quick notes for prelims and solving as many MCQs as possible.

Phase- IV "Mains Advanced": Focus of this Phase is to strategise syllabus completion and Notes Consolidation from Mains Examination point of View. Major emphasis is on the development of Articulation and Answer Writing Skills. It will be available only for Prelims Cleared Students.

Phase V: IGP - "Interview Guidance Program (IGP)" is a mock session-based guidance phase for preparation of the Personality Test conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. The objective of the program would be to acquaint the candidate with the format and expectations of the UPSC Interview.


Program Fees: Rs 55,000/-

After First Batch Concession: Rs 37,000/- (Both Online & Offline Modes)

Register For Full Program – Rs 37,000/-

Pre-registration – Rs 5,000/- (Remainder fees to be paid within 30 days of Program commencement)