Parth-Saarthi Mentorship Program

A complete Hand- Holding solution for students by Tathastu ICS

Phases of Paarth- Saarthi

Phase- I "Prelims Basics": This phase is meant to build a strong foundation for the UPSC Exam. The main focus of this part would be on going over the basic NCERT books for General Studies. The main activities of this part would be to do regular assessments , building consistency through workbooks, developing a habit of Newspaper Reading and analysis of the whole syllabus and PYQs.

Phase-II "Mains Focus": The focus will be on covering the standard books for comprehensive coverage of the UPSC syllabus. The main goals of this phase would be to complete the syllabus, write answers ,and make notes as per UPSC Mains syllabus.

Phase-III "Prelims Advanced": The focus here will be on intensive Prelims focused preparation, covering the important topics,making quick notes for prelims and solving as many MCQs as possible.

Phase- IV "Mains Advanced": Focus of this Phase is to strategise syllabus completion and Notes Consolidation from Mains Examination point of View. Major emphasis is on the development of Articulation and Answer Writing Skills. It will be available only for Prelims Cleared Students.

Phase V: IGP - "Interview Guidance Program (IGP)": is a mock session-based guidance phase for preparation of the Personality Test conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. The objective of the program would be to acquaint the candidate with the format and expectations of the UPSC Interview.


Program Fees: Rs 55,000/-

After First Batch Concession: Rs 37,000/- (Both Online & Offline Modes)

Register For Full Program: Rs 37,000/-

Pre-registration: Rs 5,000/- (Remainder fees to be paid within 30 days of Program commencement)

Parth-Saarthi Mentorship Program

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